Tuition fee Payment

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Tuition Fee Payment for 1st-year
Master’s degree and Doctoral degree Students Academic Year 2019

  1. Print the invoice with your passport number.
  2. Bring the invoice and make payments Payment can be made via 4 methods:
    • Payment via bank smartphone application(Payment method)
      • Payment via Bangkok Bank application (no fee charged)
      • For payments through other bank applications, fees are subject to the payer bank with a maximum fee of 5 baht per transaction. The payer banks are listed on the invoice.
    • Payment via Bangkok Bank ATM with a maximum fee 5 baht per transaction (Payment method)
    • Payment via the internet banking program (iBanking) of Bangkok Bank website (no fee charged) (Payment method)
    • Payment at bank counters Bangkok Bank (All branch) with a maximum fee 10 baht per transaction.
  3. All students are required to print the receipt from the website: as soon as they receive their passwords on registration day.

Tuition fee for Doctoral degree program (International students) 2019

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