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Tuition Fee Payment

Tuition fee for undergraduate program (International students) 2019 Click

Letter of Consent for Bank Transactions (Student Card) Click

Bill payment (Example for students) Click

Tuition Fee Payment for 1st-year Undergraduate Students Academic Year 2019

  1. Print the invoice with your passport number.
  2. Bring the invoice and make payments ……. June, 2019 OR ……. July, 2019 Payment can be made via 4 methods:
    • Payment via bank smartphone application (Payment method)
    • Payment via Bangkok Bank application (no fee charged) - For payments through other bank applications, fees are subject to the payer bank with a maximum fee of 5 baht per transaction. The payer banks are listed on the invoice.  Payment via Bangkok Bank ATM with a maximum fee 5 baht per transaction (Payment method)
    • Payment via the internet banking program (iBanking) of Bangkok Bank website (no fee charged) (Payment method)
    • Payment at bank counters with a maximum fee 10 baht per transaction. The payer banks are listed below:
      1. Bank of Ayudhya all branches
      2. Krung Thai Bank all branches
      3. Kasikorn Bank all branches
      4. TMB Bank all branches
      5. Bangkok Bank all branches
      6. Government Savings Bank all branches
  3. All students are required to print the receipt from the website: https// as soon as they receive their passwords on registration day.

How to print the electronic receipt

  1. Log in to with your username and password.
  2. Choose “print receipt” on the menu.
  3. Choose the semester/academic year.
  4. Print the receipt.

Example of receipt printing Click open


  1. Please check the printer’s condition and paper before printing because the receipt can be printed only once.
  2. The print preview of the receipt will be displayed on the screen. Please check its validity before printing.
  3. The original receipt cannot be printed more than once. (DO NOT open it on a smart phone.)
    • First printing: original receipt.
    • Printing onwards: copy of the receipt.
  4. To reimburse the tuition fees, please print out the Tuition Reimbursement Document for Dependents of Government Officers (electronic receipt).

For more information, please contact the Division of Finance and Accounting, AD2 building. Tel. 053-916016

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